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How to Change the Schedule Time Range

To change the schedule time range for yourself

Go to Trac Navigation > Trac Man icon > My Prefs. Change "Schedule Start time: __ End time: __" to your desired times, then save.

To change the schedule time range for everyone

Go to Trac Navigation > Trac Man icon > Utilities and Prefs > Custom Utility > Sys Admins category > Reset myPrefs.

  • Keep in mind, any changes you make here will overwrite whatever is currently set in everyone's 'My Prefs' menu. Anything you leave blank will be left alone.

You'll want to change the '...or all users in Group' setting to your users' group (or leave blank for everyone). 

Then at the bottom of the screen, check 'Set Start and end times', and input the time range you'd like their schedules to use. This uses military time, so for example, you'll want to use '9:00' to '21:00' for 9:00am to 9:00pm. Click "Execute" to save.

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