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Server Requirements

The server requirements to run your Trac application are very minimal.  It is not required to have server-class hardware or operating system, and a very capable server can be found for under $1000.  The Trac server is developed as a completely self-contained unit and can be installed and set up quickly even if your department does not have the support of the IT Department.

Operating System

The Trac System can be installed on any Windows Operating System, 2012 or newer. The OS can be a home, professional, or server version. It also operates on any Service Pack or Release Candidate for Windows Operating Systems.

  •  Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019

Processor (CPU)

The Trac server engine is designed to use as much of the processor resources as available. You may see the processor peak in the 80 and 90 percentile when the Trac application is being utilized. The Trac server engine is a single-threaded application. While your server may have a multi-core processor, the Trac server will only utilize a single core of the CPU. The Trac Server may be installed on any server with a x86 CPU meeting the minimum requirements below.

  •  Processor
    •  Minimum Single Thread Passmark Rating: 750 (Athlon 5370 or Pentium E2180)
    •  Recommended Single Thread Passmark Rating: 1100+ (AMD A10-7890K or Pentium G2030)

Server Memory

The Trac server engine utilizes server memory to quickly handle many tasks and operations.

  •  Memory
    •  minimum 2 GB RAM
    •  recommended 4 GB RAM

Hard Disk Space

The Trac server installation files will only be about 100 MB. However, the database will grow over the years and could grow to more than 2 GB. You need to plan hard disk space for server log files and backups of the database file as well.

  •  Hard Disk Space
    •  minimum 4 GB
    •  recommended 10+ GB

Network Settings

The Trac application contains a web server and makes the application accessible via HTTP access across your network. You can limit your Trac System to on-campus access or open it to the Internet.

  •  Network Requirements
    •  TCP/IP Protocol configured
    •  Static Server IP Address
    •  External IP Address if off-campus access allowed

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